Early Years Foundation Stage

This is the curriculum that all children under the age of five follow. At TORNS all of our group rooms follow the same EYFS which is made up of seven key areas. Detailed below are the key areas and the categories within each area.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
    • Making relationships.
    • Self-confidence and self-awareness.
    • Managing feelings and behaviour.
  • Physical development
    • Movement and handling.
    • Health and self-care.
  • Communication and Language
    • Listening and attention.
    • Understanding.
    • Speaking.
  • Literacy
    • Reading.
    • Writing.
  • Mathematics
    • Numbers.
    • Shape, space and measure.
  • Understanding the World
    • People and communities.
    • The world.
    • Technology.
  • Expressive Arts and Designs
    • Exploring and using media and materials.
    • Being imaginative

All areas of learning are delivered through planned, purposeful play, with a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Our staff team warmly welcome the opportunity to explain what provisions they make for your children, and the activities, workbooks and extra curriculum topics that are arranged on the timetable.

Parents will receive progress reports approximately every 6 months and will be able to discuss their child's progress with the relevant staff members at parent's evenings. The dates of parent evenings are announced in our regular Newsletters however they are usually held the week after the progress reports are issued.